Cash Calendar


         We are putting together a cash calendar for a fundraiser for Wahabi Shrine Temple.  We are looking for sponsors who would like to take out an ad in the calendar.   It can be a Club, Unit, or  an individual.  It can also be in memory or honor of someone or something special to you.


          The price of an ad is $300, and the sponsor will get a free cash calendar.  The cash calendar will sell for $25 and you will be in 366 drawings starting January 1, 2016.  Only 2,000 calendars will be printed, and they should be available by May, 2015. The ads will be seen by the calendar holders from May, 2015 through December, 2016.  If you would like an ad,  please let me know by February 23,  There are a limited number of ads available for sale.


The drawings will be held at the Temple weekly for a seven- day period.  If your name is drawn it will be placed back in the drum for the rest of the drawings.  The payouts will be as follows:

 January 1, 2016 $ 200

 May 30, 2016: 200

 July 4, 2016:   $ 200

 December 25, 2016: $ 500

 Sundays: $   50

 All other days: $   25



James Teeters


Cell 601-668-2622